Sunday, August 15, 2010

Empire State Building

We went to the observation deck at the Empire State Building. There is a place across the street from the ESB where I could pivot and see 3 different Starbucks.



Then we went in.

Then we went up!


We went to the JCP at Herald Square. It's wonderful. What's so wonderful about it? It's beautiful, of course, and then there are the huge bathrooms! The family bathroom is bigger than some apartments! Well done JCP.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Saturday Night Live Character?

I know one of these pics is blurry but, you can get the idea of this character better with 2 pics than one. So this guy came with his giant silk flower that he was carrying around and sat right behind me and planted the flower beside me in such a way that it leaned into me. Then he started smoking while calling his mom on his mobile phone. He tried to con her out of money with a crazy story. She apparently didn't buy it and he yelled at her and called her all kinds of names before hanging up on her. A security guard came over and made him stop smoking.

Then he REALLY got obnoxious. He heckled the performers, calling them names and mocking their looks. He sounded exactly like Harvey Fierstein with a smoker's, raspy, NYC, gay accent. He yelled at anyone who came near him and made wild accusations that they were bumping him on purpose. When he got up for some reason, the crowd cheered and clapped at his departure then grabbed his chair and the papers he was using to dibs the chair so that he couldn't return.

He decided to stand to the right of the stage which is where he was when I took this pic. I assume that he continued his antics over there because when he left there, those people clapped and cheered.

I just have to wonder if this guy is practicing for a role on SNL or something. I have never seen anything like it. And Dallas folks, I know you probably think that NYC is filled with these sort of characters, but he was the first I've come across. So don't worry too much. Hannah was really annoyed with him, but I told her he's not feeling well and we should pray for him. I just don't know what else to tell her that this age.

A Day of Adventures

The kids and I rode into Manhattan with Paul this morning. We found a farmer's market next to Rockefeller Center. We bought cheese and a pumpkin whoopie from some Amish folks with lots of buttons, but no zippers whatsoever. I got a picture of the pumpkin whoopie, but not the Amish because I remember from watching The Witness that the Amish don't like it when you take their pictures. Then we bought juice and fruit from some run of the mill hippie types. So it was a very diverse food day.

Pumpkin Whoopies:

Yummy Apple Juice:

Then we went to Broadway in Bryant Park and caught some Broadway performances for free. Hannah liked the Marry Poppins performance best.

She made a friend there a couple of weeks ago and they played petanque after the performances were over.

Hannah and Lillian:

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Walk in the Park

We took Elijah's walk behind toy to the playground and put the Walking Wings on him to keep him from toppling over. Hannah's the camera guy. I think she did a great job!

People at the Playground

Playgrounds are important here. Most apartments are small and most don't have central air conditioning. Many families spend most of their days at the playground. A playground is not the same as a park by the way. A playground generally has a fence around it and only children and people who are supervising children are supposed to be there. Inside the fence there are swings and the regular playground things. A park is a common area that anyone can enjoy. Parks are generally bigger than playgrounds and many parks have playgrounds within them.

At the playground nearest our place, we've gotten to know a few families who are pretty much there as much as the swings and the picnic tables. They might say the same thing about us!

From left to right: Lupita, Lizabeth, Hannah, Leslie, Kevin, Juana. Leslie and Kevin are twins. Lizabeth is their big sister.

Sal and his mom Juana. Juana has 5 children, Sal, Areceli, Juana, Susana, and Lupita - all very well mannered.

Mama Juana holding Lupita. Susana is behind her in red.

Mama Janice holding Anthony who she is adopting. He's a month younger than Elijah.

Mama Janice's daughters, Janice and Geneva. Geneva is 9, Janice is 7. I told Geneva that I don't remember a time when I was taller than my sister Heather Jo (2 years younger than me). Janice and Geneva are very kind to all the kids at the playground and are sure to include anyone who wants to play tag with them.

Putting their feet in for the eeny meeny miney It selection ritual.

Splashing Around

The neighborhood playground has a small spray park that Elijah just discovered. He's a fan.

Monday, August 9, 2010

United Nations

We went to the UN the other day. Isn't it cool how the NY skyline is reflected in the building?

The Chrysler Building. So pretty.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Playground Games

Banana Split is a playground game requiring at least 3 people, and 2 swings. 1 persons sits in each swing. The swings are twisted a couple of times, then the swing occupants lock their legs together. The 3rd person, usually a parent, swings the swings occupants and they swing until their little legs can't hold on anymore and they "Banana Split."

Elijah signs "more"

Elijah's fish face kisses

Elijah does this new thing where he makes a fish face.