Thursday, December 10, 2009

Teaching Hannah - Math

Hannah completed the Math U See Primer last year. This helped her learn to use the manipulatives. These manipulatives teach her to see how the addends work together to form the sum so well. We aren't doing any store bought math curriculum right now. We are focusing on memorizing her math facts. She does a worksheet with 130 problems on it each morning. She has her manipulatives handy and she knows just what to do. She does the exact same worksheet every day. It's in a page protector and she uses her trusty dry erase marker. She is required to correct any mistakes and she gets a little reward if she does her work with a good attitude. Once she masters the problems on that sheet and can do them all by heart, I will make her a new worksheet to conquer.

I will address how I motivate her in a different post. But she does require MOTIVATION, unlike JoJo who probably snuck a workbook, pencil, and flashlight to bed with her last night.

In addition to the worksheet, I always have flash cards with me and we often do them on the subway. We also play math games. I will tell you about that in a later post about educational gadgets, games, and websites.

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  1. Funny, Jo does try to make everything a "homework" situation. She loves to make lists, draw, write, and do reading and Math. She has just finished her 1st grade workbook and I am now giving her a bit of busy work in all things except Spelling and Math as a break for me, but a continuance of learning for her. She just started her own Spanish program and will love her DSi game that is the same as Hannah's-the reason we got be like Hannah..Math U see rocks! Jo and Hannah did the Primer together last year and look forward to doing more Math in the future..