Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This kid stole MY plan!

My plan at work. This sums up my plan - I mean right down to the degree from Thomas Edison State College! This is my lofty plan for the kids' schooling, undergrad anyway. I like to say that if you're going to study something, you might as well study it to the point you can pass a CLEP and get credit for it. And Paul says that even if the school they end up at doesn't accept CLEP tests, the kids will have the confidence that comes in knowing they can pass a college level test. She's a little early in her execution of the plan though. I wasn't planning on the kids taking their first CLEP until age 10. I am glad to have this kid paving the way. I will probably still sound like a weirdo when describing my plan to Joe*, the 50 something year old perennial college student at the coffee shop. But now I know that I am not alone and I can tell Joe* all about it when he tries to proselytize me with stories about how great PS 321 was when his kid went 12 years ago.

* Name has been changed to somewhat obscure his identity although anyone whose ever had coffee at Has Beans more than twice knows exactly who I am talking about. So I don't know why I bothered.


  1. Plan? hmmm...have to think on that for a while...you mean, I'm supposed to have a plan with this home education thing?...I thought all I needed was an unsocialized kid who would rather read books than play with others her own age.

  2. Unsocialized? Who said our kids are unsocialized..Our kids rock their world wherever they go-except when another kid begins to bully or say something mean...Oh-that is when our "unsocialized" kiddos step in and say,"That's rude, we should be nice..." and then they reach out to the kid being hurt by words and teach those "socialized" ps kids (that's public schooled) how to react appropraitely in social situations...We are all SO blessed