Sunday, February 28, 2010


Here is a picture taken at the beginning of what the locals called a "snowicane." The snowflakes were enormous! The runts were as big as quarters and the full grown flakes were as big as silver dollars.

This is the 3rd big snow this season. I was telling Paul that I am not going to sit back and listen to Yankee transplants in Texas complaining about how Texans freak out about snow. NYers freak out about snow too. To the transplants who act all uppity about how Texas can't drive on snow: NYers can't either. And NYers cancel school because of the threat of snow too. So no more going on and on about that one.

Rant over. Let's look at pics.

We got out the Ergo for this outing. I knew I'd want to sled and I didn't want to make the headlines as "Sledding Tragedy in NYC: Idiot Texan Wears Baby While Sledding" so I convinced Paul to wear Elijah. That lasted about 5 minutes. But I got this pic, which is really what I was after anyway. I did sled while Paul held the baby, but we don't have pics of that.

At every opportunity Paul pulled Hannah on the sled. Here you can see the footpath on the sidewalk. It was only wide enough to have one person at a time. If people were coming the other way, we'd stand in the snow and let them pass. Also notice how the cars are snowed in. People have to shovel their cars out if they want to use them. But most people don't because they won't drive anywhere for fear of losing their parking place.

Prospect Park under a blanket of Snow. Looks like a scene from a Little House book.

Sled parking at Enzo's, Paul's favorite Italian restaurant up here.

Paul says that was the most fun he's ever had. His favorite thing was pulling Hannah on the snow covered sidewalks. They giggled all day.


  1. How FUN!!! Well it's good to know that snow ALWAYS causes chaos. The kids are getting SO big!!!

  2. That looks so fun! And we love the pic of Paul wearing the baby! He's so granola! And Corey said they look just alike... wonder why. ;)