Thursday, February 25, 2010

Valentine's Day

A couple of special packages arrived for Valentine's Day. One from my mom and one from Brenda. Hannah was overjoyed to get boxes in the mail! Mom's package had little kid Valentines in them. Hannah addressed them to her friends at church and to all the neighbors in the building whose names she knows. Then she taped a lollipop to each card for the neighbors and we went around putting them at their front doors. Hannah loves getting candy, but she loves giving candy even more. I think she could have been some kind of candy fairy if there were such a thing. I got a couple of bags M&M Valentine candies for her to give out at church and she had a great time with that too. Of course she was the most popular kid at church that morning!

Thanks to Mom and Brenda for brightening our day!

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  1. Hannah is a giver of all things sweet. We miss you guys terribly, and await your "return" to Texas!!!!!