Thursday, August 12, 2010

A Day of Adventures

The kids and I rode into Manhattan with Paul this morning. We found a farmer's market next to Rockefeller Center. We bought cheese and a pumpkin whoopie from some Amish folks with lots of buttons, but no zippers whatsoever. I got a picture of the pumpkin whoopie, but not the Amish because I remember from watching The Witness that the Amish don't like it when you take their pictures. Then we bought juice and fruit from some run of the mill hippie types. So it was a very diverse food day.

Pumpkin Whoopies:

Yummy Apple Juice:

Then we went to Broadway in Bryant Park and caught some Broadway performances for free. Hannah liked the Marry Poppins performance best.

She made a friend there a couple of weeks ago and they played petanque after the performances were over.

Hannah and Lillian:


  1. Wow! Love the pictorial account & commentary of your day. THANKS!