Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Saturday Night Live Character?

I know one of these pics is blurry but, you can get the idea of this character better with 2 pics than one. So this guy came with his giant silk flower that he was carrying around and sat right behind me and planted the flower beside me in such a way that it leaned into me. Then he started smoking while calling his mom on his mobile phone. He tried to con her out of money with a crazy story. She apparently didn't buy it and he yelled at her and called her all kinds of names before hanging up on her. A security guard came over and made him stop smoking.

Then he REALLY got obnoxious. He heckled the performers, calling them names and mocking their looks. He sounded exactly like Harvey Fierstein with a smoker's, raspy, NYC, gay accent. He yelled at anyone who came near him and made wild accusations that they were bumping him on purpose. When he got up for some reason, the crowd cheered and clapped at his departure then grabbed his chair and the papers he was using to dibs the chair so that he couldn't return.

He decided to stand to the right of the stage which is where he was when I took this pic. I assume that he continued his antics over there because when he left there, those people clapped and cheered.

I just have to wonder if this guy is practicing for a role on SNL or something. I have never seen anything like it. And Dallas folks, I know you probably think that NYC is filled with these sort of characters, but he was the first I've come across. So don't worry too much. Hannah was really annoyed with him, but I told her he's not feeling well and we should pray for him. I just don't know what else to tell her that this age.

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  1. Poor thing...he must have been having a really BAD day!!!