Tuesday, August 10, 2010

People at the Playground

Playgrounds are important here. Most apartments are small and most don't have central air conditioning. Many families spend most of their days at the playground. A playground is not the same as a park by the way. A playground generally has a fence around it and only children and people who are supervising children are supposed to be there. Inside the fence there are swings and the regular playground things. A park is a common area that anyone can enjoy. Parks are generally bigger than playgrounds and many parks have playgrounds within them.

At the playground nearest our place, we've gotten to know a few families who are pretty much there as much as the swings and the picnic tables. They might say the same thing about us!

From left to right: Lupita, Lizabeth, Hannah, Leslie, Kevin, Juana. Leslie and Kevin are twins. Lizabeth is their big sister.

Sal and his mom Juana. Juana has 5 children, Sal, Areceli, Juana, Susana, and Lupita - all very well mannered.

Mama Juana holding Lupita. Susana is behind her in red.

Mama Janice holding Anthony who she is adopting. He's a month younger than Elijah.

Mama Janice's daughters, Janice and Geneva. Geneva is 9, Janice is 7. I told Geneva that I don't remember a time when I was taller than my sister Heather Jo (2 years younger than me). Janice and Geneva are very kind to all the kids at the playground and are sure to include anyone who wants to play tag with them.

Putting their feet in for the eeny meeny miney It selection ritual.

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  1. LOL...Looks like Hannah is related to all of her friends up in NYC...Such a great looking group of kiddos!!!