Monday, November 2, 2009

More Zigo

I am promoting Zigo again!

Go to the Zigo website and watch the videos. This thing is so cool. If MacGyver built a bike, this would be it. If Swiss Army Knife built a bike, this would be it. No, I am not making any money from this. I am trying to win a Zigo though. Just go look at the thing and admire the engineering! Hannah likes to go to the website and watch the videos. She knows I entered the essay contest and she asks all the time if I have won "the Zigo bike" yet and if I will go on stage when I win. Zigo said a bike shop near us has one in the store and we went over to try it on. Elijah has some growing to do before he can ride in it, but he likes hanging out with his big sister in there. I think he'll be just the right size to go for a ride when they announce the winner in January. Can you imagine him wearing a tiny little bike helmet?

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