Monday, November 2, 2009

Trick or Treat

Here Hannah is decorating her treat collection bag. She loves to glue stuff to other stuff. Because we trick-or-treated so early in the day and for such a short period of time Hannah only got a modest amount of candy. She doesn't care at all. She only wants to give the candy away to other kids at church or on the subway. She is so generous and I am a proud Mama.

This is a terrible backdrop. That's because you can't see the Statue of Liberty in the background. I was really hoping she'd show up. That was so cool to be walking around trick-or-treating and look over and see the Statue of Liberty.

Hannah is very silly.

Hannah is dressed as a wingless Tinkerbell. She was allowed to bring one costume up from Dallas and she chose this dress. We forgot to bring her wings. We went to Target to try to find some. They probably had some but the herd never moved them from the stockroom to the shelves. Old Navy and Marshalls were also out of wings. Old Navy must've been having an "everything's a quarter" sale. There were about 75 people in line. And being # 75 in their line isn't like being #75 in Whole Foods' line. I am starting to think Old Navy is run by the government - their lines move so slowly. It was probably a 2 hour commitment for those people at the back of the line. So surely there was a sale or a radio contest or something. Anyway, Hannah is a wingless (modest) Tinkerbell and Elijah is a dalmatian puppy. Paul is a skinny white guy.


  1. LOL, "Paul is a skinny white guy"...and who were you? Blond chick with a camera??

  2. I'm both surprised and delighted that you're trick or treat-ers. And you can tell I've been in the country too long, because I thought Elijah was a Holstein Cow. But Paul's gonna need a different costume next year. That one looked a little to small.