Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Excitement at Ballet Class

Hannah takes Spanish Immersion Ballet at this little place across the street. She and Paul went to class by themselves Saturday and Elijah and I went over to meet them a little later. We missed all the excitement. Paul and the other parents were a little early and Miss Lucia hadn't gotten there to let them in. They could, however, hear someone in the school. They knocked and just heard a muffled voice through the glass windows. At some point someone suggested that there was a child trapped in the bathroom in there. 911 was called and efforts were made to rescue the child. There was yelling in attempts at reassurance. Someone called out "What's your name honey?" Paul pressed his ear to the glass and heard "!!!LUTHIA!!!" (the Spaniard pronunciation for "Lucia"). The fire trucks were just arriving when the teacher, Miss Lucia, was finally able to free herself from the bathroom with the broken doorknob. Poor thing, she was in there for 40 minutes. Hannah thought it was the best ballet class ever though.

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  1. hahahahah I am sure that just made Paul's day! What excitement, but at least the fire dept could get her out....