Monday, October 26, 2009


I wanted to give a quick promo to Milkshare. The generous mothers in the Milkshare yahoo group have been feeding Elijah through donating their milk to him. I am so grateful. The concept is simple, if you have extra milk, you post, and if you need extra milk, you post, like freecycle, but for milk. I posted when Elijah was born and Heather Dy picked up 100oz for him in Mesquite. I posted when we arrived in Brooklyn and 2 ladies who live 5 blocks from us have been sharing their surplus ever since. There have been a couple of other donors too. It's interesting to see how Elijah's been fed milk from around the world. He's had milk from a Chilean lady, a Russian Jewish lady, a Mexican lady, a Hungarian lady, and a couple of white folks too. If you or anyone you know has or needs milk, this is a wonderful resource.

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