Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The ill mannered dog (owner)

I took the cat to the mobile clinic Saturday morning. There was this lady who seemed to think that people like it when her dog jumps on them. I was sitting near her and the dog tried to get in my lap. I am sure I looked irritated. She finally reigned him in and apologized, but in a way that I sounded like the bad guy for not appreciating her awesome dog. Grr. I noticed that she watched that dog carefully around food though. She didn't want him to eat and ruin his chances at a cheap neuter. If that dog got anywhere near even a rock that looked tasty, she pulled him back. I got out my trusty trail mix and started snacking. I clumsily spilled a couple of nuts and raisins on the ground between me and the dog. Problem solved.

1 comment:

  1. You are my hero. I cannot stand it when pet owners think their dogs are so adorable when they are licking other people's toes or trying to jump on them. No, they are not just being friendly, they are being rude.