Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Accordion

On the way to the park we passed a stoop sale. They had this accordion for a dollar. So I bought it. Paul was fit to be tied. He said it was the worst garage sale purchase ever. But Hannah loves it. She has seen this toy before at the toy store and she has always talked about it. My grandmother used to play an accordion. Hannah talks about that often. After I bought it, Hannah went wild and she kept saying "I'm SO HAPPY!" We went to the park and all her friends there wanted to see it. Paul had them stand under a tree off in the distance, but the sound still carried and it sounded like they were right next to us. But it's not awful. Paul will even play around with it some and we don't mind if she "practices" in the apartment - a little.


  1. Greatmother is SOOOOOO excited over this great find! How cool that it is a RED one, like hers!!! What a beautiful little musician!

  2. Heather is sending you two diapers I found under the seat in my truck! They're good to go! Dad