Saturday, July 3, 2010

Union Square

A new playground just opened at Union Square. This is some kind of modern looking merry-go-round. Looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen to me. But Hannah loved it.

Here's a tip for you tourists who might one day visit NYC. Union Square is where the locals go shopping at the big chain stores. There's Best Buy, Whole Foods, Babies R Us, American Eagle, 2 different Starbucks, etc. You might wonder why this is important. Why would you want to waste time in NYC at a national chain store that you could visit in your home town? It's simple. You won't go there to shop. They have great bathrooms, huge bathrooms with no lines and plenty of everything a bathroom ought to have. The problem with NYC touristy things is that you can never find a bathroom, and you end up going to Starbucks and waiting in line with 20 other people. It's funny to see 20 people in line at Starbucks in Union Square! They could just go to Best Buy and take care of business without the pressure of knowing the guy behind him is dancing in pain if they take too long. Also noteworthy is the fact that the bathroom at the Starbucks on Canal St in Chinatown has been "broken" for at least a year now. It was "broken" the first time we came up here last June and they still haven't fixed it. I'll bet the broken bathroom saves that location thousands in toilet paper a month! If you need a bathroom in Chinatown go to a national chain hotel like Marriott. They might make you buy something at the bar to get access to the facilities, but trust me, it's worth it.

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