Monday, July 19, 2010

Captain Underpants

This is another pic he'll hate when he's 15, but it's so cute now. These are the cutest little training pants ever. I think they are probably run of the mill training pants but putting them on the cutest baby in the world makes them cute too.

Elijah has been doing very well at potty training. If anyone's interested, this is called Elimination Communication. I watch him and I can mostly tell when he needs to go and if I get him on the potty in time, he goes in there. It saves me the trouble of having to wash diapers and it keeps him cleaner. There are many benefits beside those. We're not fanatic about it. We do what we can and if we don't make it, it's no big deal. He wears plastic covers to keep from messing everything up if he has a "miss." I think he feels like a big boy when he makes it to the potty. But I could be making that up. . .

Paul adds that Elijah looks like he's playing air guitar.


  1. He's gorgeous in these shots......."panties" and all! Look at him. He can barely stand on his own, yet he's got training pants on and lets you know when he's got to go. Amazing! (Great seeing you yesterday.)

  2. Oh he can't stand on his own just yet. That's why I propped him up in a corner. He's one awesome little boy. We are so blessed.

    Great to see y'all yesterday too.

  3. Love these pics! And I think he looks like Paul.
    Steph O

  4. Oh my lands, that is one cute boy!!

  5. I was thinking the same thing, he looks so much like Paul! Although I haven't seen Paul in training pants...