Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hustlers at the Park

This place is full of what I like to call "hustlers." These are people who are earning a living that they will probably NOT be paying taxes on. There are the water hustlers who walk around selling "ice cold water" out of coolers, the tamale lady, the Italian ice guy, and then there are the street performers, balloon animal makers, and face painters who work for tips. These folks go around to parks and set up shop. The balloon animal folks and face painters just show up and start doing their thing and have a little "tips" jar. Kids flock to them and parents will give a dollar to see their kids having fun. It works. Hannah likes her butterfly face, but she was so worried that she'd mess it up that she wanted me to take a picture and then wash it off. Funny kid.


  1. Best I've ever seen. Hope you gave them a dollar. Glad you are writing again.

  2. Sounds like Angola - actually, much of the world (that I've seen anyway), has hustlers like that. Except for the face painting and balloon animal making ones. -- Stacie