Saturday, September 19, 2009

Back in Texas

I haven't heard the the F bomb in days. Everyone says y'all. You can get in and out of a restaurant in under an hour, and I went to Walmart! At Walmart Paul noticed this guy and said "That's what everyone thinks a Texan is." I wish I had my camera with me. He was this tall guy with a beer belly and a ball cap. He was gazing into the rifle display case, which spins, and there were camo backpacks on a rack behind him. Texas! Enjoy it while you can Elijah.

My Birkenstocks are enjoying the break from walking miles a day. Paul's having Haagen-Daas withdrawal and Hannah is getting in some quality cousin time. I can't wait to get to Trinity on Sunday!


  1. And we can't wait to see you and your precious family!!! :)

  2. Texas seems so great after you've been away for awhile, doesn't it? I can totally relate.

  3. What fun to see our new grandson! Nanny and DaDad John had a blast seeing Elijah as well as the other grandkids, their cousins, and people that I haven't seen in 20yrs! Brooklyn is just TOO FAR AWAY! Just going to have to see what can be done about getting up that way; besides, it's been almost 46 years since I was last in the big NYC.