Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Day of Class

Yes, I said class, not school. We've been doing school since Hannah came home from China in 2005! We'd sit together and play on If I were cooking or doing something else, she would come find me, sign "apple" and drag me to the computer. She loves to learn! We found this great little homeschool co-op and she goes one day a week and takes Tae kwon do, science, history, drama, and catechism (doesn't that sound dignified). I call it class because you sign up for the class you want. It feels more university style to me to call it "class." So I do.

We tried several different bags out that morning, but we ended up going with this gigantic bag. Don't worry, she didn't actually have to schlep the thing all the way there. She rides in a stroller, remember? So the backpack was rolling along in the stroller too.

On the train we met a young woman who has lived in NY all her life, but it seems she's rarely ridden the subway by herself. She was all panicked about being on the right train. She asked where the train was going and I told her and she wanted to get off. I asked where she wanted to go and she was on the right train, going the right direction and everything. But she seemed to think it was a teleportation device that would take her directly to her stop, bypassing all the others. She kept thinking that because the next stop wasn't HER stop, she was on the wrong train. She'd already gotten on and off a couple of trains before I found her mumbling to herself. I convinced her to stay on a bit and I showed her how it would work and what to expect and she settled down a bit.

Get side tracked much? Yes I do. Back to Hannah and her classes.

Here are some more pics.


  1. Which catechism are they doing? We've been working on the Westminister shorter catechism. Added it to family worship time, thanks to Mr. Voddie Baucham's suggestion. Awesome how the kids can learn biblical doctrine so easily! You'll love it.

  2. You are so going to miss those classes back in Tx, until you/we start some here...I need some catechism suggestions for the kids and self-please share via FB...