Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Block Party

Throughout the summer, I have seen block parties on different streets. They are always on one way streets and our street is a 2 way street. I had given up on getting to go to a block party. But the church we've visited a couple of times now is on a street that was having a block party on Sunday. What fun! The church had some bounce houses, face painting, a dunk tank, and a water balloon toss. Hannah had a blast. See for yourself!

Queen of the mountain.

The teenagers put on a concert. These kids are talented. Most of them are kids of my friend Jennifer. They would put down one instrument and pick up another and play it beautifully as well. I wonder if they are related to the ODells.

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  1. That looks SO fun! I am glad Hannah got to go to one...If you had moved away from NYC before her participation, you know what would happen...block part on Alta Vista LN!!