Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My Birthday

So today was my birthday. We started the day by heading to Target. I wanted to find a particular kind of coffee mug and give that to me for my birthday. I found it at Marshalls but I haven't been permitted to use it yet. Hannah insisted that I get a gift card too. What's a birthday without a gift card? So I let her pick me a good one. She loves gift cards. She also thought I should get some new Polly Pockets and maybe a little girl's bicycle, but I was onto her.

When we got home Hannah whisked my new mug away. She told me I could have it after the party. She wanted the mug to be presented in a gift bag and she got right to work on that. She glued and taped and decorated up a lovely bag. And she worked up an appetite. She asked for a snack. I suggested that we go out and hunt for a fruit vendor. When Brianna was here she found a fruit vendor who sold her some out of this world sliced mango. Hannah was giddy at the thought of a fruit vendor's sliced mango, so off we went. But we were met at the front door by a delivery man with an edible bouquet. Woohoo! Hannah loved the sight of that. Earlier in the day I had told her that Mimi was sending a special gift. Hannah worried over that delivery all day. She wanted to do nothing but look out the window and she tried to convince me to try to call to find the delivery man. We're still working on developing that girl's patience. She's got a little bit of Grammy in her.

Hannah was very happy to see that Paul surprised me with a bunch of fresh flowers when he came home. Dinner time was also party time and I finally got my mug all to myself. Hannah had lots of other things planned for my birthday. We were to get a cake and go out to eat at her favorite restaurant, and buy pretty much whatever toy popped into her mind. She tied the balloon that came with my edible flower arrangement to the stroller and announced my age to anyone who'd listen. Maria at the pastry shop (Going to the pastry shop was a compromise. Hannah wanted me to have a cake. I wanted a macaroon.) gave me a free treat for my birthday. I was very pleased with the events of the day. I hope Hannah was too since my birthday was more exciting to her than anyone!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you had a wonderful day. That fruit arrangement is gorgeous.

  2. SO YOUR 29 AGAIN HUH?? hehe. Don't you love it when kids tell everything! Hope you had a great day!

  3. Happy belated birthday! I can't believe I forgot! I am so sorry. David and I are so happy for yall with all your field trips. You sound like you are having so much fun. You are going to places we have never heard of. Your pictures look so fun.
    BLess yall. And I love the name Eli.
    Let me know if I can send you anything. Do you have a container for homemade wipes? I need your address, too.

  4. LOVE the edible fruit gift...What are/were the dark purple looking wedges on there? Love ya sis!