Friday, September 25, 2009

Columbus Circle School

Yesterday was Elijah's first trip to Manhattan. Following the tradition of neglecting the poor second child, I have not one picture of him in Manhattan to show you. In my defense, we took pics but they didn't turn out. We wanted to show Elijah off to Paul's co-workers before it got too cold to take a baby on a day trip to Midtown. So he was actually the whole reason for this trip.

While we were there, Hannah, Elijah, and I ran a few Manhattan errands and we stopped to do school at Columbus Circle. There are these little bistro tables and chairs in various spots in the City. We occupied one after I rubbed it down with an antibacterial wet wipe and Hannah got right to work.

Here you can see the way down Broadway into Times Square. I hope Hannah remembers these "home" school adventures.

The remarkable thing in this picture isn't the gorgeous late September weather, or that you can clearly see "Broadway" on the street sign, or how cute Hannah is. What's truly amazing in this picture, what native New Yorkers wouldn't believe if you told them about it, is that white van in the background. What's so special about a white cargo van you ask? The fact that it hasn't been tagged with graffiti! There are a couple of explanations for this. It could be from out of town or it could be brand new. Either way, it won't look like that for long if that van parks for any length of time in NYC.

Atop the pillar growing out of suit man's head is a statue of Christopher Columbus. I guess that's why it's Columbus Circle.

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