Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Ear muffs

A couple of days ago we were walking down the street and we heard this woman screaming at her neighbors from her front porch, "You low down bleep bleeping bleep bleep scum bag. I hope you get hit by a truck - IN THE FACE!"

It seems that profanity is just run of the mill here. People swear in casual conversation as they walk down the street, as they eat dinner, or talk on the phone. I wonder if profanity is more prevalent here, or if we notice it more because everyone walks everywhere and you can overhear things so easily. People were probably swearing all over the place in Dallas, but we didn't hear it because we were in our van - praying and saying kind words, certainly not saying "driving words" or yelling at other drivers.

When we were up here hunting for an apartment there were a couple of other over-the-top incidents. We were in our hotel room, on the 5th floor and we heard this guy screaming at a pedestrian "Don't you know what "bleeping don't walk means?" You bleepety bleep bleep." He hollered for a good while until a traffic cop started heading that way. Then he got back in his delivery truck and drove away. That was in Chinatown.

Another time in Brooklyn I saw a woman get out of a car and yell at another woman in a car with Alabama plates. Then Brooklyn screaming woman's husband got out and joined the yelling. They were saying words I had to look up later. These words would have made Tony Soprano blush. Alabama plates person was trying to take a picture of the Brooklyn screamers. Brooklyn screamers tried to take pictures of Alabama plates. At one point I heard the screamers say "You tink cawwuhs your from Maruhland, you can cut me awwuhf?" All of this was while their windows were down and their kids were in the back seat watching. And they stopped traffic for a couple of light cycles before they finally drove away.

Well with this woman screaming at her neighbor, we could hear her way down the street and we told Hannah to cover her ears. "Ear muffs" as Paul likes to say. The lady saw us coming and paused until we passed and started up with the swear words again. There's never a cone of silence around when you need one.

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  1. Well now, wasn't that nice of her to pause her cussin' while you passed. :)