Friday, July 24, 2009


This is good ice cream. We'd never had it before coming up here. Paul likes to have ice cream every night after dinner. So I went looking for ice cream as soon as we got here. Paul saw what I brought home and asked why I chose these tiny containers. It's because my choices were tiny containers and lots of flavor choices, or regular size (Texas regular anyway) containers of chocolate, strawberry, or vanilla. And why is that? I suppose it's because the stores are tiny and the places to put the ice cream selections are tiny. Consequently they have tiny ice cream containers. But WOW, this is great ice cream. Can you tell which flavor Paul likes best? We don't eat it straight from the carton. I put that spoon in there so you could get an idea of the size of the carton.

Stacie would say I'm lucky to have any ice cream selection at all. I should also mention that this stuff is healthy. Ok, it's still ice cream, so it can't be all that healthy. But it's better for you than most of the ice cream I used to get back home. It has real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup! Fernando has HFCS as a client so he would put some lawyer speak in here about how HFCS is a natural product and has never been proven to cause health problems in mice . . .

Flavors we've tried so far:
vanilla Swiss almond - Very good!
creme brulee - Also good. I must hunt for more.
white chocolate raspberry truffle - Paul's favorite. I have to remember which bodega carries that flavor and clean them out.
banana split - Pleasant. Creme Brulee is better.


  1. I'm in the mood for some ice cream now. Gonna have to try the vanilla Swiss almond. Yum!! And I'm not sure I believe you about not eating out of the carton..:P

  2. Yeah, that's some good stuff. I actually found Haagen Dazs in Luanda once, it was about $11 for that tiny carton. I don't remember which flavor it was, but I bought it.

  3. Wow, defending HFCS. Talk about your conflict of interest!
    That looks delicious. We haven't had ice cream in forever!