Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love gadgets!!!

Gadgets make life easier.

Bungee cords: I have 4 of these wrapped around my stroller in various places. They make it possible for me to tie awkward things to my stroller or trolley and lug them home from Home Depot etc.

Carabiners: They're not just for challenges on Survivor. They can also hold grocery bags to the outside of your trolley if you run out of room on the inside of your trolley.

Zip Ties: Have a plethora of uses, not the least of which is to hold the bamboo screen up so that I don't have to look at my neighbor's yard.

VELCRO® straps: Even more uses than Zip Ties. Can be used to keep an electrical cord rolled up, attach Hannah's scooter to the stroller, or entertain Hannah as she rides in the stroller. 3 are attached to the stroller right now.

Is that a table or a gadget? It's both! It is a dropleaf table. Such a cool space saving idea. Mr. Dropleaf must have been a space challenged New Yorker.

Bakers Rack: A gadget to hold more gadgets like a toaster oven with a slot on top so it's a toaster/toaster oven, a panini grill, a rice cooker, a cordless tea kettle (gracias Goodalls), a waffle maker that makes Cinderella shaped waffles (thanks Brenda, so cute), Michaela's traveling blender (she loaned it to me and I brought it up here), a paper shredder, and a hidden surge protector attached to a shelf with a zip tie. Also, you can hang things from the decorative swirlies - like aprons, oven mitts, and bags full of plastic bags. I got my first bakers rack in March and I wonder how I lived so long without one.

Magnetic kitchen utensil holders: Make life easier when your kitchen has only 2 drawers that are 9 inches wide.

Saving the best for last. TIVO!!!! No, not a DVR, a TiVo. Thank you
Tivo for making the world a better place.

I have other gadgets, like my cherry pitter, my elfa drawers, my coat racks, my ironing board that hangs from the back of the door, my led tap lights, my optical trackball mouse, and my washer/dryer combo that will get its own post later. But blogger would only let me post 4 pics at a time. you get the idea anyway. Gadgets are great.


  1. Love the gadgets!! And is Hannah playing Webkinz? If she is..the girls would love her username so they can add her as a friend and send her gifts and letters...etc.. :)

  2. You can post more pics, just click: "Add more images" or something like that.
    I'm a lover of small kitchen appliances!

  3. I will investigate webkinz. i am sure Hannah would love it.