Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Faces in Brooklyn

Park slope is busy and there are always people everywhere. But I see some faces several times a day. Here's a pic of (L to R) Hank, Mattie, and Mattie's friend whose name I have forgotten. Hank works for our apt managers, Mattie and friend sit outside the coffee shop and the Polish grocer. Our apartment is in the middle of a Polish/Mexican neighborhood. Heather Wilson says that it makes sense because both cultures like Polka. Mattie and friend thought about putting their teeth in for the pic, but they would have taken them right back out. Too much trouble for a picture. I think they gave up playing checkers 20 years ago and now they just sit and watch people go by.


  1. I love all these descriptions.
    Polish/Mexican that is hilarious!

  2. I also love the picture of Hannah 'carrying' the step stool.
    So glad you have a friend!
    God is Good!

  3. So do they have any good Mexican restaurants there?

  4. The Polish/Mexican comment was a joke :) It is true that my Polish friends up north in Illinois and my Mexican friends in the valley of Texas both like to dance to polka/tejano (which is really Mexican polka), but I'm not sure I can say that's a culture wide characteristic, but it sure sounds funny on your blog :) Keep us posted!

  5. I knew you were kidding. Yesterday Hannah and I ate lunch in a Mexican restaurant. The worker bees spoke NO English. So I practiced my Spanish mixed with a healthy dose of miming to get my order made. Cheese enchiladas "sin carne" (without meat) was perplexing to the cashier. Surely I meant "con pollo" (with chicken) since that's the only other option. The enchiladas arrived with just a bit of ground beef in the sauce. A guy who was hanging out there kept the juke box going with polka/tejano and I thought of your wise crack the whole time we were there.