Sunday, July 26, 2009

Subway Legs

Sea legs:
the ability to maintain one's balance on board ship . . .

Here's a new entry I'd like to submit:
Subway legs: the ability to maintain one's balance while in a moving subway car.

The subway starts with a jolt and stops abruptly. It's bumpy in between. It turns corners (sort of) and you have to lean at an angle to compensate. Paul and I watch in amazement as people walk around like it's no big deal. We are still getting thrown around like we're on a roller coaster and these natives don't even hang on to anything anymore. That's because they have subway legs.

Our family subway rules:
1. Hold Hannah's hand FIRMLY or have her wearing her bear. She will just jump into an open subway door with no regard for where that train is headed.

2. DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING. This is impossible thus . . .

3. As soon as you exit the subway, take a wet ones bath.

The subway's not that bad. I've never felt unsafe. Hannah visits with anyone who will talk back to her. She asks about her subway friends often. One guy told her a new knock-knock joke that she repeats whenever she thinks about it.

Did you know that subway doors aren't like elevator doors? If a subway door is closing and you put your foot in between the doors, they just close on your foot? We saw this yesterday. Paul said I should have taken a picture of this lady with her foot in the subway car and the rest of her NOT in the subway car. But I didn't have time. Don't worry. We didn't have to take a trip with a severed foot. The driver saw the lady and opened the door for her.

Also, there aren't elevators at every stop. I don't know what you do if you are in a wheelchair in NYC. It must take forever to get anywhere. There are elevators every few stops, but some of them have apparently doubled as bathrooms. The one for the 6 train at Canal St. smells particularly like a urinal. Ick. I think I'll just schlep the stroller up the stairs next time.

The subway has live bands sometimes. That's fun. Street performers set up shop along various lines. We've heard Caribbean music, violinists, jazz bands, and a great band with cool harmonies. Some have CDs for sale.

As far as Hannah's concerned, the subway is just another playground. Here's a pick of Hannah loving life on the subway.


  1. I love the urinal comment....Miss my neice...and my sis and brother-in-law as well..Who takes the wet ones bath? hmmmm...I wonder!

  2. Oh, we all take wet ones baths. Miss you too.

  3. Wow!!! What an exciting season of life for you guys! Hannah looks so happy!