Thursday, July 23, 2009


Can I just say that I love my stroller. For some reason I am a stroller fanatic. I like the weird looking ones and the regular ones. I like 'em all. When I see a stroller brand I've never seen before, I go home and Google the brand to see what kind of awesome features it has. I have yet to see a better stroller than mine. It's pretty awesome. Chicco will begin selling this model in the US in October. If you need a new stroller, May I suggest you wait until then?

I will tell you the story of how I came to own this glorious stroller. We went to Europe after Paul took the Bar Exam. We took Hannah and Paul's little sister, Brianna, who was 17 at the time. I had this gadget that I attached to our car seat and made it into a stroller like thing, but with the cobble stone streets all over Europe, it banged over every bump and made everyone look over at us. Once they looked over, they stared and stared and tried to figure out how a tall white dude, a short blonde lady, a black teenager, and a Chinese 4 year old fit together. Then they'd poke their friends and they'd all stare. It was quite unnerving. After a few days of being everyone's Gordian Knot, we went to a store, bought our stroller, and life improved immediately.

In Dallas, you see people with $12 umbrella strollers all over the place. If you want to see an expensive stroller, you can go to North Park and watch folks parade around with their fancy strollers. In NYC, EVERYONE has NICE strollers that cost what I used to think was WAY too much. And what's the point of the really weird looking ones anyway? I have figured it out. Those giant tires help you lug that thing up and down 2 flights of stairs to get to the subway, or home, or to what passes as a Tex-Mex restaurant in NYC.

In a pedestrian society, strollers are sort of a substitute for a car. I need my stroller to get stuff home from the store and to haul Hannah and anything else I want to carry from here to wherever. Hannah is 6.5 and as a NYC kid, she isn't even close to being done riding in that stroller. In Dallas, Paul used to fret about Hannah being such a "big kid" and still being in a stroller. But here, I see kids way older than her in strollers, with their feet dragging the ground! (Not really, their legs are all folded up so they can fit in the stroller). So these strollers have to last for years! I see why people are willing to pay so much for them. And really, it's cheap compared to the car it's standing in for.

If I haven't said it lately,

Thanks Paul for indulging me and getting me the world's greatest stroller. Sure, on our trip we saw the Sistine Chapel, Ponte Vecchio, and The Leaning Tower of Piza. But the stroller has been the best souvenir to date. I love my stroller.

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  1. I've been looking for a stroller...guess I'll have to wait till October. Make that 2010... takes a while for things to reach the Middle.