Thursday, July 16, 2009

Has Beans

At some point when we were packing the "on the plane" luggage, we started looking at bins and saying "can I replace that for less than the $100 it will cost to take it on the plane?" Or "Can I live without that until Heather Jo can ship it to me for less than the $100 it will cost to take that on the plane?" The coffee maker stayed and will be shipped. In the mean time, I MUST have coffee. As I previously posted, the nearest Starbucks is a 2 mile walk from home. But I found Has Beans around the corner from us. Hannah and I walk with Paul to the subway station and then we book it for Has Beans. Jacky is the morning barista. She is everything a barista ought to be. She knows everyone's names, what they did yesterday, what they are doing today, and their plans for the weekend. And of course, what they will want to eat and drink. Hannah loves her. Every time we pass the coffee shop, she asks for "Miss Jacky." Hannah is at the age where she thinks people live at the last place she saw them. So Jacky lives at the coffee shop according to Hannah. I like the coffee shop. I have gotten to know many of my neighbors by spending time there and I will take you there when you come visit me here.


  1. I would love to join you for a cup there sometime, it sounds great.

    And yes, I'm in the middle of making similar decisions on what to cart back to Luanda. Only the extra bag fee is $200, and is still worth it most of the time.

    I just packed up a Rubbermaid bin full of goodies (including a giant bag of Fritos and cans of bean dip) to hand over to Mark's colleague, who is traveling back to Luanda in about a week. He graciously agreed (or felt coerced by my begging) to take a bin back for me, to give to Mark.

  2. WE love love love Miss Jackie!!! yay!!