Sunday, July 26, 2009

Statue of Liberty

Okay, that's a terrible picture. But you can still tell that it's her. I pass that view a couple of times a day and I always turn to look. My brother-in-law Al says that his grandfather saw the Statue of Liberty when he came over on a boat from Germany. I like to think of what she represents and what the first glimpse of her has meant to immigrants over the ages. It' so cool to me to get to pass her daily.

That picture is much better. We took this picture from the Staten Island Ferry yesterday. We took the ferry just to get a better look at the Statue of Liberty. Before we boarded Hannah and I had this conversation.

Hannah: What are we doing next?
Me: We are riding the ferry to see the Statue of Liberty.
Me: (Thinking it was going to be interesting, but not exactly "EXCITING!!!") What do you think a ferry is?
Hannah: AN ANGEL!!
I can see why that would be exciting.


  1. Hannah does understand that a fairy is WAY too small to carry all 3 of you...LOL I love the funny things kids say!

  2. Love it! I also love that you're doing all the stuff that most NYers never do. When I was there and talked to lifers, most had never been to the SofL or Central Park or China Town. Craziness!