Wednesday, July 29, 2009

We're in DC.

Paul has a conference in DC this week and we have joined him here. We rode the Amtrak down. Very cool. Hannah and I went exploring our nation's capitol yesterday. We saw the Presidential motorcade go by and Hannah went nuts. She called her grandparents and her cousins and screamed into the phone "I saw President Obama!!" She has been asking to see him again ever since. She says she will tell all her friends in the neighborhood in NYC that she saw the President. We are staying in a hotel much to her chagrin. She begged to stay at the White House with the President. I told her that there are so many people who want to stay there that by the time it would be our turn, some one else will be President.

We are also going to the Smithsonian museums and the other great monuments. No pictures today. But I'll post some when we get back to NY.


  1. How long is that train ride? We might be going to DC next summer and I had a fleeting thought to go to NYC while we're on that side of the country.

  2. She clearly isn't up on her politics. lol What is so exciting about seeing our current president?
    Have fun and post pics soon!

  3. We'd like to teach her to respect the position and we recognize that God give authority to our leaders her on earth. The President of the US is an important position. She knows this and she also wants to tell him "Babies are real in their mommies' tummies." Her Mimi has taught her that and is praying Hannah gets to deliver that message.

  4. Go ahead and have her add: "And so are the elderly."