Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby questions

Many of you are curious about my mysterious baby posts on facebook. I will fill you in on what's happening. A couple of weeks ago, while we were in DC, Brenda called and told me she is working with a lady who is due in October and wants to place the baby for adoption. Let me take this opportunity to tell you about my favorite pc adoption terms. Babies are PLACED for adoption, not "given up." The term "placed" implies that great care was given to insure that the baby would be "placed" in its forever family. Moms who give birth and choose not to place their children for adoption "PARENT" them, they do not "keep" them. Children are not possessions to be "kept." God loans them to us and expects us to parent them and teach them His truth. And don't ask adoptive parents if they have children of their own. I answer that question with "just Hannah so far." So now you know the pc adoption terms I am picky about. I don't get mad at folks for using terms I wouldn't use. But I answer questions ways that communicate to Hannah, that God placed her in our family and we are thankful every day that He did.

Enough of that. So Brenda (the lady who runs the adoption agency who connected us with Hannah) is working with this lady and Brenda thinks that this baby is meant to be a Rynerson. He will be born in Texas in October. The birthmom wants us to be there to care for him after the delivery, which will be cesarean. The birthmom wants him to be taken care of and loved immediately by his forever family. We are cautiously excited about all this. I know that this is a difficult decision and that moms often change their minds after the delivery, which they have every right to do.

We will be in Texas mid October. If every thing goes as expected, we will be showing off a son a few days later. There will be a sip and see or something so that you can come see him for yourself. By then he should have a name. We are bouncing lots of names around.

I have no experience parenting an infant. I was telling my sister-in-law that I don't know what infants really NEED and what the MAN is just trying to sell me. The MAN sure does a god job trying to convince us our kid will be neglected and probably a drain on society if we don't get him all sorts of shiny stuff though. Makes me nervous. So I welcome your feedback and suggestions. What does an infant NEED? Make sure it will fit in my apartment. Otherwise we will just visit it in the gigantic Toys R Us!


  1. Fantastic news Amber! I hope it all works out as planned.

  2. How exciting! Definitely get the babywise book.

  3. Hi Amber!

    Exciting news! I would suggest the book Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Kids. It is the "science" behind there sleep patterns, discussing the way God made their little infant bodies. As far as material needs, always a must in my opinion is a portable "pack n play" because you can use it as a bassinet at first by your bed and then a "play pen" for quiet time or as a crib as they get older AND it travels well (for all of your trips to Texas) and closes up small for your living arrangements! We are not having any more children and that is one item I will NEVER get rid of because I have had many friends come and stay with us and use it for their children (at night or for naps). I pray God's hand will be with you and your family during this new season of life, entrusting you with your new little one...p.s. you would enjoy the book How to Keep Your Kids on Your Team by Charles Stanley. In one of the chapters it discusses the "loan" and entrusting of "his prescious treasured" trusts to us. I am usually not one to share my opinions openly on BLOGS, but thought you should know that the Myers family will be praying for you all (or ya'll) as they say in Texas (in case you forgot) :)!

  4. You'll need an SNS (or Lact-Aid), a pack n play, and diapers. I can't think of any other necessities. :D
    We're so excited for you guys!