Monday, August 17, 2009

The Grand Tour Part 1

The bedroom. This is "technically a 2 bedroom apartment. So this is bedroom # 1. At first we had it set up as the living room, but we could touch the TV from the sofa! Paul realized that there would be no way to set up the inflatable mattress in that room with the living room stuff in there. So we flip-flopped the furniture.


The living room/eat in kitchen. I am convinced that the previous occupant had a sofa where we have our table and a TV set up on the wall where that circuit box is. So this area must be the "living room."


The kitchen. Look at how I doubled my counter space when I moved my washer/dryer gadget over next to the sink. This is more counter space than many of the apartments we looked at. I told you we are lucky!

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