Saturday, August 29, 2009

Family Game Night


Hannah loves to play Rummikub. She loves any excuse to hang out with her daddy. He "helps" her play.

We used to have 20+ people over every Saturday for Family Game Night. With a family as big as ours, 20 is an easy number to hit. When it's just us, Paul's sisters (his oldest sister and her husband have 5, almost 6, kids), and his parents, we're already at 13. Add in my sister and her family, Michaela, Evan, and our cousin and her daughter, and friends that anyone brings over and we could be pushing 30. That's in Dallas. If we had 30 people here, or 50 like on holidays, I can't even imagine. When we walk at night we often see people gathered on the stoops outside of their apartments. The other night I saw about 20 people outside their apartment. The kids were skating and bouncing a ball. The grown-ups were chatting or playing dominoes. The domino table was in the street, between 2 parked cars. You never know what you're going to see up here.
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