Monday, August 3, 2009

Leavitts In The City

Our friends from Dallas are in town for vacation. We met up in Manhattan Sunday afternoon. It started pouring down rain so we found a nice indoor activity - The American Museum of Natural History was just the right thing. Everyone else had the same idea. Here you can see how folks were crammed into the elevators like sardines.

Hannah loved Haley. Haley is the coolest of all people - a teenager! And Haley let Hannah wear her sweater. Maybe some of that awesome teenager rubbed off.

Now this is a giant clam shell.

Hannah cried when she had to say good-bye to Haley.


  1. Awww. Poor Hannah! Glad yall got to see some friendly Texas faces.

  2. My sweet neice, Your tears make me sad.....Johanne named her Webkinz after you...Have fun in NYC and we hope to see you soon

  3. What a sweet, sad face!! I can't believe Haley's a teenager!! I remember her running through the parking lot at church showing off her "big girl undees" when she was three!! :) So glad you guys got to see the Leavitt's!