Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bronx Zoo

We went to the Bronx Zoo. A tour guide we had said it's the largest zoo in the world. That's a lie. I think I need to check snopes for lots of things these tour guides say. Tours are still fun though. Anyway, the Bronx Zoo is big and fun.

The polar bear was napping.

Giraffes look funny. Don't they?

The peacocks just wander around the whole zoo. This was a baby peacock that visited with us for a while.

The butterfly exhibit is HUGE! These funny pics were taken near there. Fun!

We all rode the insect carousel. Very cool.

This great park is just outside the Bronx Zoo.

May I suggest that you do NOT try to get to Brooklyn from the Bronx during rush hour. The fact that there were signal malfunctions in lower Manhattan only made things worse. Tons of people were crammed into the 5 train. Then they kicked us all off and told us to get on a different train. So we crammed even more folks on the 4 train. Brianna blocked some folks so Hannah and I could get on. Way to go B! So all of us were crammed into the 4 train, waiting and waiting to go. And it was hot. I saw a 6 train come and go. I told B that we were taking the next train out - I didn't care what it was. A 6 came a couple of minutes later. Brianna shoved people out of the way - people who had a place to stand and something to hold onto wouldn't move - and we jumped on that 6. Finally, air conditioning.

Brianna and Hannah say "Boo!" to the crowded subway.

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