Saturday, August 8, 2009

Easier to clean

Everyone says that a smaller place is easier to keep clean. Yesterday, while preparing for Brianna's arrival, I vacuumed the whole apartment and the vac stayed plugged into the same outlet the whole time. And no, I didn't use an extension cord. I will post pictures soon so you can see how our whole apartment could easily be dropped into our living room in our house in Dallas.

I am NOT complaining. Not one bit. I like it here. It's a fun adventure. It's certainly sobering to see how much you can live without when you need to. I don't need 4 kinds of cereal and 3 of every kind of pot and pan. I don't need 3 sets of dishes - everyday, fancy, and Christmas. I don't need a month's supply of pasta. I have what I need - Paul, Hannah, and the Tivo. And they all fit nicely in this little place we call home.


  1. Amen, sister. I could have written the last paragraph myself - with names changed, of course. And unfortunately without Tivo.

  2. Way to "be content with what you have." Praise God!
    I used to really struggle with discontentment (when I wasn't spending enough time in The Word), but as I've dug deeper in the scriptures, I've realized how blessed I am. My man is always home at 5:30. Always. If he wants to come home for lunch, he can. Our needs are always met and my kids have lots of time with their daddy. We're very blessed indeed.