Monday, August 17, 2009


The Grand Tour will follow this post. For now, you will get a tour of our closets. There are 2 closets in our apartment. This is 2 more than many NYers have. I've seen clothes hanging on makeshift racks in many windows in Manhattan. Our building is only a couple of years old. So we have actual closets and more than 3 plugs AND central heat and air. I overheard our neighbors' guests saying that they want to come over more just to sit in their central air conditioned apartment. So I think we are really lucky!

Here's my closet. It's in our bedroom. My closet in Dallas is bigger than this bedroom! But this works just fine if you organize things right.


This is Hannah's side of the closet in what I call the living room. You can't see it, but there are 3 hanging shoe organizers affixed to the wall on Hannah's side. I am so thankful for hanging shoe organizers. On the shelf are bins filled with winter things. I reinforced this shelf. It sagged somethin' fierce when I first loaded it down with winter bins.


This is Paul's side of the living room closet. Man do those elfa bin/drawers come in handy.

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