Saturday, August 29, 2009

Big families in NYC

I've noticed many big families here. Brianna and I saw a family with 8 kids a couple of times. Many of the big families are Jewish. I love seeing the tiniest little boys wearing their yarmulkes and their tallit katans.

When I see these families, I often think of this story I read here:

A couple of nights ago we attended a Right to Life dinner where Michael Medved told this story:

A friend of his--a rabbi with whom Medved's wife studies--was traveling with his wife and 16 children (yes, that's what I said, and they now have two more). To help keep track of everyone, the kids were dressed in similar clothes--the girls in dresses, the boys with yarlmukes on their heads.

So there they were, making their way through an airport in Frankfurt, when an older woman--a German woman--stopped the rabbi.

"Are all these children yours?" she asked incredulously.

"My wife assures me they are," he replied.

Apparently she was not amused. "Don't you know," she said, "about the world's overpopulation problem? And yet you have so many? How many more children do you want to have?"

He paused, remembering they were in Frankfurt.

"About six million," he said.

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  1. So he didn't educate her on the world's underpopulation problem?? ;)
    People trust the media way too much. Sheesh.