Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We might have to move. . .

To be closer to this restaurant! Paul told me he misses chicken fried steak. No one here seems to even know what that is. I asked a driver the other day where I could get Chicken Fried Steak. After I told him what that is, he told me how gross it sounds and that he doesn't know anyone who would make such a thing. I somehow found Two Boots. They have Cajun and Italian. I guess Chicken Fried Steak is Cajun. I thought it was funny that they had to define it "it's steak cooked up like fried chicken - thinly pounded top round, batter-dipped and pan-fried . . ."

We are just outside their delivery area. Drat! I am reminded of episode 150 of Seinfeld where "Elaine schemes to get her Chinese food by moving into a janitor's closet, located in the building across the street." I might be willing to move into a janitor's closet to get this food delivered. It could work. I wouldn't need a kitchen after all. But it's summer and the walk is no big deal right now. Although if it's too cold to walk there come winter, we are going to have to find a new place.

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  1. HEY.........there's a Chili's at JFK! Take the subway or whatever and go there so Paul can have his CFS.