Tuesday, August 4, 2009

M&Ms Store

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After saying our goodbyes to the Leavitts, we went to the M&Ms store in Times Square. I had this great idea that I would get M&Ms to match the colors of Hannah's math manipulatives. I found every color and filled a couple of bags. I am sure that somewhere in the store it is posted that these M&Ms are $12/lb. But I must have missed it. My fun math manipulatives rang up to over $100. I said "I can't do that." Hannah had just suffered the loss of her Haley and now she was being asked to give up the coolest math manipulatives ever. She didn't fall apart, but she was quite worried. I saw this Statue of Liberty M&M dispenser and told her we could get that and put M&Ms in it and her life improved immediately.


  1. I bet that dispenser cost a whole lots less than $100.00 lol!